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To conceptualize the process of bringing a project idea to life is by breaking down construction projects into different phases

Project Management Consultancy (Full Service)

We understand and appreciate the fact that building a healthcare facility involves altogether a different paradigm and skill set, and together with our pool of specialists we make the process quite simpler for the stakeholders, owners, architects and contractors. Our understanding of the finer nuances of a healthcare space aids us in identifying the potential bottlenecks and lags and nullifying them in time.

It is during this stage that we take the ‘idea of a project’ from client and give it a more concrete shape by creating a strategic plan for the project viz. establishing timelines, budget, resources required and constraints. The next crucial step is the finalization of design wherein we ensure that the flow of information between the various design teams is a seamless process. During the intermittent stages of space programme, concept planning & schematic design we work closely with the end users and design consultants to ensure that the healthcare guidelines and requirements are incorporated keeping in sync with the vision of the project and the design theme. The finalization of contracting agencies marks the last major step before actual physical construction sets in.

The project schedule along with communication, safety and quality SOPs serves as the reference manual during this phase.We work closely with all the stakeholders to ensure smooth deliverance, all the time emphasizing greatly on the three triads – cost, time and quality. We provide that extra edge to the construction management techniques by understanding the possible constraints in building a healthcare facility and mitigating them beforehand.

This is the period spanning from the completion of physical construction till project turnover to the owner. It comprises activities such as cleaning of job site, demobilization of labor, creation and addressing of a punch list (snag list) of activities that need further attention, handover of project documents to the owner and training to owner’s team. We expedite all of the above activities to the utmost satisfaction of the owner.

Project Advisory

We offer this service to those clients who typically don’t need full time project management services, instead only a periodic overview is required. These periodic visits entails – assessment of work quality, review of project schedule and budget, periodic meeting with stakeholders, addressing bottlenecks, red-flagging critical lags and providing recommendations.