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Consolation Prize Winner : Snehal Pakhare, Shruti Khandelwal, Sayali Kulkarni, Rucha Nachane

College : Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture For Woman, Pune

CARE WHILE CARING: A Healing center to thrust for combating health ailments specially for pediatric palliative care.
SITE LOCATION: Kuttisahib Road, Cheranalloor, South Chittoor, Kochi, Kerala.


Kerala is known the world over as a destination for wellness-tourism based on the traditional system of Ayurveda. A 150 bedded pediatric hospital is proposed by Aster Medcity Hospital, Kochi, in their campus. Aster Medcity Hospital is a 670-bed quaternary care facility with one Multispeciality Hospital and eight separate Centres of Excellence. Out of 40 acre campus of Aster Medcity, 3.5 acres is selected for pediatric hospital along the bank of Periyar river. Kochi is well connected nationally and internationally and has warm and humid climate with prevailing wind flowing from south west and west direction. One of the biggest benefit of this site is that, Periyar river is located on the northern side of the site and site experiences sea breeze.


The design uses a holistic approach where healing, learning and playing goes simultaneously by imbibing the ideals of SEVEN HEALING CHAKRA’S based on indo-yogic spiritual philosophy. These chakras are responsible for a balanced mind and body health. These chakras are associated with the elements like earth, water, fire, air and space and these respective elements have been incorporated in the design. The vision behind ‘Care While Caring’ is to create medical care environment which has elements of both scientific advancements and spirituality that helps the organization to achieve excellence in pediatric palliative care. RESPONSE:
The design has included the elements of the seven chakras by providing gardens, interactive spaces with proper daylighting and ventilation which ensures the comfort of everyone within the building. This experience helps in facilitating social interaction, strengthen self-esteem and leads to a joyous space with the feeling of independence inside the hospital. In ‘Care while Caring’, we have designed the building outwardly which creates an aura of warmth and welcome for all the visitors of the space. We have also ensured the visual impact of Periyar river primarily on all the public areas inside the caring center.


● The concept is integrated with universal design idea.
● The seven chakras are incorporated in the layout in such a fashion that it binds the whole hospital as one, gardens-earth (root chakra), water bodies-water (Sacrum Chakra), daylight-fire (Solar Plexus), air quality-air (Heart Chakra), volumetric area- space (Throat Chakra), therapies (Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra).
● Root Chakra – As nature helps in healing, therapeutic gardens are designed to encourage physical activities and social interaction amongst the children.
● Sacrum Chakra – As the sound of water creates a soothing effect, water pillars are installed in an enclosed fashion to avoid water related infection.
● Solar Plexus – To cut down the harsh sun radiations, all the wards are oriented on the east side of the building. Also, the morning sunrays will enrich patients with vitamin D.
● Heart Chakra – Inward shape of the building captures sea breeze and gives a welcoming effect. All the spaces are well ventilated either by natural or mechanical means. Also, courtyards are designed to get maximum cross ventilation. As we know, with good air quality comes the positive energy which energizes the body and keeps our heart healthy. Also, for balancing this chakra, counselling and art therapies are thoughtfully planned.
● Throat Chakra – For the children to enjoy and get involved in the music and speech therapy, spaces are designed in the form of gaming activities. Locally available bamboo plants are used as musical instruments.
● Third Eye and Crown Chakra – Distinctive facilities such as yoga, brain therapy, mind power games have been planned.
● Zoning of the whole building is in such a way that private and public areas are well segregated
● Service floor are purposely designed above the operation theater and ICUs for direct ducting from AHUs.


1. “KIDSTRACK”, a new concept developed in Nemours Children’s Hospital, wherein families learn about their child’s illness, diagnosis, and treatment outcome. A demonstration kitchen provides an area for parents to learn how to cook meals that may be related to their child’s ongoing illness. The KidsTRACK also gives families the opportunity to learn how to use any equipment that their child may need once he or she goes home.
(Source – http://www.sdiconsulting.com/portfolio/articles/HCD_Nemours_March2013.pdf)
2. Chakra balancing activities like music therapy, art therapy, counselling rooms, learning rooms, yoga room and various therapeutic gardens have been included in the design


 Locally available traditional materials like laterite stone for cladding, coir fibre panels made from recycled coconut shells for partition walls are used, hence this will save transportation cost and also respond better to climate.
 As thermal conductivity depends on surface area, u value and temperature difference, being a warm and humid climate, diurnal temperature is less. Therefore, aerocon blocks of 0.67 W/Sq.m. K are used as walling material. Low VOC paints and flooring materials are used to maintain the indoor environmental quality.
 Passive techniques like Jaali’s and courtyards enhances daylighting and cross ventilation which reduces dependency on artificial lighting. Energy efficient lighting and lighting controls for corridors thus reducing total energy demand of the building. Energy generated through solar panels installed on roof is used for street lighting, corridor and common area lighting.
 Efficient plumbing fixtures having low flow rates have been used which reduces water consumption. The recycled grey water is used for landscaping, flushing and cooling towers, while the harvested from the rain water is used for purpose cooking & heating.
 Biogas plant of capacity 90kg and 18 cubic meters in size installed on site produces 7.74kg/day of LPG which is used for cooking. Also, the manure produced in the plant is used for landscaping

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