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Jaslok Hospital,Mumbai

A highrise building with 20 floors, Jaslok is a respected name in Mumbai healthcare landscape.  Looking for a makeover.  It is never too easy, undertaking upgradation and renovation in a running hospital, however the stakeholders were determined.  The overarching brief was to enhance patient safety measures, accommodate newer technology and improve the patient experience.

The Vision

Recognizing that while the building has stood the test of times, the recent technological advances needed to be factored in, JHRC commissioned HOSMAC to assist with a redevelopment program that encompassed upgradation, renovation and reorganization of the clinical & support departments across the hospital.  That the building was originally conceived for a different function with low floor heights was only one of the many challenges. The silver lining was a couple of floors that housed softer functions such as nurses & resident quarters that helped set in motion the chain of reorganization.

The Design

The profile was largely a given and yet, certain spare floor space index allowed morphing the building to allow & relocate certain critical clinical functions to lower floors.  New cores and arterial circulation were introduced for compliance with more recent introductions in fire safety norms. Lobby spaces are in the process of being decongested to enhance the patient experience who is otherwise stressed.   The interior designers chose to use the brighter hues from the hospital’s flora logo to add cheer and positivity to the otherwise sanitized and sterile ambience.  This is slated to be one of the most remarkable makeovers that the landmark older hospitals in south Mumbai will have witnessed.

Project Details

Build Up Area: 2,00,000 Sq ft

Floors: G+20

No of Beds: 325

Facility Mix:

  • 22 level building (including basement)
  • 25 level car park
  • Multi-specialties including cardiac sciences, neuro sciences, comprehensive oncology programme and a flagship IVF programme among others.

Services Rendered: Turnkey Design

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