Frugal Approaches to Branding and Marketing:
The New Normal for Healthcare Industry



The COVID-19 crisis has shifted the spotlight from expensive offline marketing to frugal online and digital marketing. This transition has necessitated healthcare workers to become more aware of social media and digital marketing approaches. The healthcare services need to be proactive to reach out to the patients requiring their services. It is the most opportune time for the Healthcare professionals to be proactive and increase awareness for their services.

The 2 days (6 Hrs.) online masterclass is designed to give insights to participants (including Doctors, Hospital Managers, Healthcare professionals) into the hidden opportunities for the Healthcare services in the current business environment, understand the benefits of social media and digital marketing, and discuss the challenges which may be encountered in the process. The masterclass will acquaint the participants to an overall view of how to leverage social media and digital marketing for reaching out to the patients requiring their services. The hands-on sessions will build competency in communicating the essential aspects to the patients as well as making these qualities a visible part of the Healthcare Service Provider’s public image. Participants will learn about digital marketing for Healthcare service providers and Healthcare services brand building.

Key Insights

Who should attend

Doctors having independent practice / clinics / hospitals/ Hospital Managers and Executives Healthcare professionals handling digital and social media marketing Healthcare management students

Certificate of Participation

Participants will receive an e-certificate from CDMC-MICA and Hosmac for their participation and completion of 6 hrs. of the masterclass.


Active learner-oriented pedagogy of business cases and situation analysis clubbed with discussion about the Social Media and Digital Marketing concepts and models
  • Session#1:
    • Need for strategic communication in the health sector and different dimensions of strategic communication such as stakeholder engagement, marketing and branding, image management etc. Qualities of effective strategic communication and gains it brings to professional practice. Two important factors in the current context- the pandemic and increasing use of digital (including social) media.
  • Session#2
    • Image management, reputation management, and crisis communication. How to maintain and improve your image and reputation in COVID-19 situation.
  • Session#3
    • Frugal marketing and social media engagement. How to be cost effective in digital marketing and social media engagement, while ensuring effective communication to the target audience. The nuances and benefits of social media engagement.
  • Session#4
    • Staying ahead of the competition. Getting familiar with the digital options for improving the communication of healthcare services to the relevant stakeholders. Understanding the opportunities to stay ahead of your competition. How to identify the right approach for your healthcare services. Q & A with all the Faculty



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