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Assisted care living

Design Details :

Site context: the site selected falls admist the Belgavi green terrain ,In

Karnataka ,India.The main idea of choosing that particualr site was to have a surety of a peaceful! area for the assisted living member to reside as its neighbourhood is a residendial space and also falls towards the outskirts from the city chaos. The selected site is very convientely reached and travelled to prominient nodes of the cities like hospitals, busterminus etc.The climate also plays a major role of it being a Tropical  Region and rich in vegitation and  water table.

Concept : The concept is taken as in parts –

The mind is like water,when it is agitated it becomes difficult to reflect but when allowed to settel the mind finds space to reflect::

Grid– the forms designed is majorly in a grid form as its easily accessible and convienient to the user base residing in the campus. Focus      spaces designed in a concept that the old age group and other the disabled residing  shall reflect upon their life lead through spaces where they can focus upont

Concentration– the healing ages of the person needs a peace of mind and that Peace is achieved from the concentration of the indivisual upon his life .

Contemplation: the overall goal is to provide a homely feeling and a self healing spaces with the required assistance in medical form from the incharge and assistance for internal peace from the spaces created  ,by which one self analysis his taughts and heals .

Design strategy: the zoning of the spaces is decided to depict the journey of life where one reflects back and appriciates .Grid is followed through space making and planning. togetherness and extra space of life is given by designing of meditation n library spaces. The inmates residence is seperated from the hospital block to avoid the ill feeling one gets from a hospital stay. Recreation spaces are als< designed for as a part of their daily schedule . Hospital is also zoned as a healing space . Landscapes and softscapes are blend with the design and give a neighbourhood feel. The design includes the provision of a solar power,a kitchen garden and also the adoption of biogas as a part of selfsustainable design. The material pallet is also a very context responding.Overall design is easy accessible and low maintained

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