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Design Services

Long before ‘patient-centric care’ and ‘healing architecture’ became the guiding principles of healthcare, Hosmac had begun to comply with a ‘form follows function’ principle, where ease, economy and efficiency are ensured together with an emphasis on convenience, hygiene and safety. We help you evaluate informational concepts to improve operational effectiveness, facility planning and building construction. Our belief in ”Green” being the future of sustainable hospitals will help you take the best decisions in the long term interests of your facilities.

We focus on great new-age designs and follow a well-coordinated approach to plunge all our expertise available within the consulting arms to a single point of convergence- The built facility. This helps us to rationally oversee the entire process, from the initiation of the project with a market survey through determining financial feasibility, architectural and engineering design, and commissioning the facility, guaranteeing that our client’s vision is retained through the entire project cycle.

Medical Planning

Led by an adept team of facility planners, hospital-engineering experts and architects, this service we ensures efficient internal planning of a medical facility. Our in-depth understanding and domain knowledge, has helped us to efficiently develop programmes and plans for healthcare facilities across Asia and Africa.

A keen awareness of costs and changing environments permits us to focus on maximum energy conservation without compromising on functionality while keeping in perspective the client’s requirement.

Campus Master Planning

The key to successful campus planning is to forecast the demands of future that require exceptional expertise and holistic approach. To meet the ever changing dynamics of the healthcare industry , Hosmac’s Our Campus Master Planning services encompasses a detailed survey of the land and studies the contour, environmental conditions, transport needs, short-term and long-term infrastructural needs and the promoter’s vision to come up with options for developing a comprehensive plan for the future.

Turnkey Design Services

To tackle the unique and complex challenges, Turnkey Design Service handles all the activities, end-to-end, involved in healthcare construction. Through focused approach to hospital planning, this approach takes the onus of coordinating all building design services like architecture, structure, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, interior design and any landscape elements.

Services We Offer

  • Architecture Design
  • MEP Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Structure Design
  • Interior Design
  • Way finding & Signage



Design Review

At Hosmac, the Our team of talented architects and experienced clinical planners understand not only the minute aspects that go into designing a healthcare facility but also have the keen eye to critically analyse existing designs for augmenting design efficiency.

The Design Review Process is a mechanism for ensuring   We ensure design standards, alignment and diligence throughout the course of hospital design and we review the client’s design on bench marked parameters.

Apart from providing critical evaluation, Hosmac  we also provides engineering design brief, room data sheets and equipment schedules for each and every department.

Infrastructure Audits

In order to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of healthcare industry, it is important to keep improving the already existing facility, both premises and the technology installed.

Hosmac’s multi-talented pool of resources evaluates the building and identifies key limitations and deficiencies for future improvements. A phased implementation blueprint, suggesting cost-effective improvements is developed in close consultation with the users/client and while keeping an eye on the global standards.

Biomedical Equipment Consultancy

To tackle the unique needs of each hospital and at the same time balancing high costs involved in equipment installation, our Biomedical Equipment Consulting service helps clients to meet the prescribed standards and norms.

We employ innovative equipment planning solutions, paying close attention to every detail and tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each hospital at the same time balancing high cost involved in equipment installation, our Biomedical Equipment Consulting service helps the client to meet the prescribed standards and norms. Our services enable us to harness technology in order to capitalize on value for our clients.

Services We Offer

  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Equipment Budgeting with Need Assessment
  • Planning of Pre-installation Services
  • Delivery Coordination
  • Equipment Installation Supervision
  • Inventory Audit
  • Infrastructure Adequacy Check
  • Integration with IT/PACS
  • Procurement Management



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