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Alexis Hospital, providing Tertiary Care Medical Services in Nagpur in Central India is a multi specially hospital with clinical modalities in fields of Oncology, Maternal Newborn Services, Cardiology, Blood Bank and Dialysis. The strength of the hospital comprises 250 beds in total built-up area at 250000 Sq Ft. The hospital building has large basement which houses the LINAC bunkers with all engineering services. The structure comprises of G+8 floors for various therapeutic and high end diagnostic services. The Hospital is designed on Green principles and will be aiming for LEED certification. Design is kept simple internally and yet embraces modern elevation features of glass and aluminium to give the hi-tech feel to a city where healthcare is in early stages of growth. The atrium reflects the ethos of courtyard style of architecture where-in the main typology use of the institution is developed alongside this feature. Here the atnum is seen as a welcoming large hall space and also  enhances the ambiance by filtering in natural light from font rear side and  top as it spans vertically through the building

Project Details

Location         : Nagpur,India

Build Up Area : 2,20,000 Sq ft

Floors             : G+7

No of Beds      : 192